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Park overview

Conquering new heights, jumping to nets, hoops and obstacles, long rides above – THIS IS ADVENTURE PARK UP IN THE TREES!

Park overview

Venturing the trails up in the trees you’ll discover yourself and company in exhilarating situations! Nõmme  Adventure Park has a total of 6 trails.   With each trail reaching new heights you’ll gradually pass through more difficult obstacles.

All trails are rewarded in the end with a speedy decent on a zip-line. Speed track is only 2 meters from the ground but is technically difficult. Electronic time taking system adds excitement. Test how fast you really are! Estimated time for completion of all trails is 2,5h, and up to 3h for larger groups.

You can read the terms & conditions here.

In the late season trails become something completely new in darkness, using only head lamps for lighting. Also, rain should not deter you – trees provide cover and trails are easily passable.

During summer season safety briefing will be given in 30 or 45 minute intervals.

Kids park

Adventure park is fun in every age!

For the little ones, shorter then 115 cm, we have a park where kids can enjoy various attractions just like grown ups do.
Kids park trails are about 1.10 cm from the ground. Little adventurers have they own harnesses.
Depending on kids courage and enthusiasm kids park is suitable for the children in the age 2-8 years.
Adults can follow along and help out where necessary.