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Park overview

Nõmme Adventure Park is the oldest and most popular tree top adventure park in Tallinn

Conquering new heights, jumping into the nets, hoops and obstacles, long ziplines – THIS IS ADVENTURE PARK UP IN THE TREES!

Park overview

Kids adventure park is also a tree top adventure park, but it is located on lower platforms. Most platforms are about 0,7-1,2m above the ground.
Kids have 2 trails with 3 ziplines in the end.
It is mostly for kids whose age is from 2 up to 7 years old.
Little adventurers have their own harnesses, but are still climbing under their parent supervision. Adults can walk on the ground free of charge and help out where necessary.

The main adventure park has a total of 6 tree top trails.
One’s height must be at least 120cm to have a pass for the trails 1, 2 and 3.
And at least 140cm height for the trails 4, 5 and 6.
With each trail reaching new heights you’ll gradually pass through more difficult obstacles. All trails are rewarded in the end with a speedy decent on a zip-line.
Estimated time for completion of all six trails is about 2,5 hours till 3 hours.

Team Building Trail is nice addition for groups. It is also a lower tree top trail and the main goal is to have a fun trustful experience with your friend, colleague or team mate.

Safety instructions

During summer season safety briefings will be given in 15-30 minute intervals. You can read the terms & conditions here.

Whether it’s raining or a sunny day – we are open every day.
Just choose your clothing accordingly and it is recommended to use gloves and sporty clothing. Also, rain should not deter you – trees provide cover and trails are easily passable.