Thu - Fri 2pm - 7pm

Sat - Sun 12pm - 7pm

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Things You may need to know before visiting us

  • Before accessing the trails, each client signs a terms of use agreement with the Adventure Park and participates in a safety briefing – the terms of use agreement
  • Children under the age of 14 can only access the trails with the consent of an adult.
    One adult can take liability for maximum of 4 children.
    Children can visit the park on their own with a pre-filled and signed terms of use agreement.
  • Children with the height of 115-140cm can access first three tree top trails.
    All visitors taller than 140cm can access all 6 tree top trails.
  • Safety harness is given to every client for personal use only and must be returned immediately after the completion of trails.
    Passing on safety harness to a third party is prohibited.
  • Long hair should be tied up.
    You can rent helmet if You want, allthough it is not necessary.
  • After change of clothes or visit to the toilet, safety harness must be checked by an instructor.
  • Personal belongings can be left to the ticket office charge free.


  • Groups bigger than 6 visitors are reccommended to make reservation here.